Optimus Prime Truck – Transformers – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Optimus Prime is a beloved character from the Transformers franchise, and his truck mode is just as iconic as his robot form. The Optimus Prime truck is a 1980s Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truck with a red and blue color scheme and a distinctive Autobot logo on the side.

In the Transformers universe, Optimus Prime transforms into this truck mode when he needs to travel long distances on the ground or when he wants to blend in with human traffic. The truck mode is also used to transport Autobot troops and equipment.

In real life, several trucks have been used to portray Optimus Prime in the various Transformers movies and TV shows, but the most famous one is probably the Peterbilt 379 used in the first live-action Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. This truck was modified to resemble Optimus Prime, complete with custom paint, chrome accents, and the Autobot logo on the side.

The Optimus Prime truck has become an iconic symbol of the Transformers franchise and is highly sought after by fans and collectors of movie and TV show memorabilia