Yor Forger from Spy x Family – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Unleash the Family’s Hidden Assassin: 3D Print Yor Forger from Spy x Family!
Calling all Spy x Family fans and 3D printing enthusiasts! Now you can bring the enigmatic and deadly Yor Forger to life in stunning detail with this incredible 3D model. Capture the duality of the world’s best assassin masquerading as a loving mother, ready to grace your collection or add a thrilling flair to your next tabletop game.

Why Yor Forger deserves a place on your printer:

Exquisite Detail: Meticulously crafted to match Yor’s anime design, capturing the sharp lines of her assassin attire, the gentle yet determined expression on her face, and the iconic Thorn Princess thorns adorning her gloves.
Multiple Formats: Available in various file formats compatible with most popular 3D printers, making her accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level.
Scalable Size: Print Yor in a size that suits your space, whether you envision her as a desk companion or a commanding centerpiece for your display.
Untapped Customization Potential: Unleash your creative spirit! Paint, customize, and pose Yor to reflect your unique interpretation of the Thorn Princess, from her assassin alter ego to her loving family persona.
More than just a model, Yor is an invitation to explore:

The Spy x Family Universe: Spark discussions about the exciting storyline, captivating characters, and unique blend of action and comedy.
Duality and Deception: Use this model as a starting point for exploring the duality of Yor’s character and the themes of family, identity, and sacrifice within the story.
Fan Art and Cosplay Inspiration: Let Yor fuel your creative endeavors, whether you’re designing fan art, crafting cosplay outfits, or writing your own fan fiction.
Don’t wait to bring the thrills of Spy x Family home! Download the Yor Forger 3D model today and witness the true power of the Thorn Princess in your own hands!