Tyrael from Diablo – 3D print model STL

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Tyrael is a fictional character in the Diablo series, a popular action role-playing video game franchise developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Here are some key details about Tyrael:

Archangel of Justice:

Tyrael is portrayed as the Archangel of Justice in the Diablo universe. He is a member of the Angiris Council, a group of archangels who govern the High Heavens.

Tyrael is typically depicted as a majestic and powerful angelic being. He is distinguishable by his unique, glowing, and angular wings. In the game, he is often clad in armor that reflects his role as a warrior and defender.
Diablo II:

Tyrael first appears in Diablo II, where he plays a crucial role in the storyline. He aids the player character in various ways, providing guidance and assistance in the fight against the forces of hell.
Diablo III:

Tyrael has a prominent role in Diablo III, where the narrative explores his character further. In a significant development, Tyrael sacrifices his angelic status to become a mortal and aid humanity more directly.
The Aspect of Wisdom:

After his transformation into a mortal, Tyrael assumes the title of the Aspect of Wisdom. This change in status reflects his commitment to understanding and helping humanity.
Weapons and Abilities:

In combat, Tyrael is a formidable warrior, wielding a massive sword. He possesses powerful angelic abilities, and players witness his combat prowess during certain key events in the games.
Voice Acting:

The character of Tyrael is known for his distinctive voice acting. He is voiced by actor Jonathan Adams in Diablo III.
Tyrael is a central figure in the ongoing conflict between the forces of Heaven and Hell within the Diablo series. His character adds depth to the game’s lore, and his actions have a significant impact on the events unfolding in the world of Sanctuary.