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The Scarlet King is a fictional entity associated with a series of interconnected stories and lore within the online collaborative writing community known as the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation is a creative writing project that revolves around the concept of a secretive organization containing and studying anomalous objects, creatures, and phenomena.

The Scarlet King is often referenced in the context of SCP-231, a particularly dark and mysterious narrative within the SCP Foundation universe. Here are some key points related to the Scarlet King:

SCP-231 and Procedure 110-Montauk:

SCP-231 is a containment item within the SCP Foundation. It is often associated with the Scarlet King, and the details of SCP-231’s containment are intentionally left vague and disturbing.
Procedure 110-Montauk is referenced as a controversial and distressing procedure associated with the containment of SCP-231. The exact details of Procedure 110-Montauk are never explicitly described in SCP documents, adding an air of mystery and horror to the narrative.
The Scarlet King’s Mythos:

The Scarlet King is portrayed as a malevolent and cosmic entity associated with destruction, chaos, and apocalyptic themes. It is often depicted as a god-like figure with immense power and influence.
The Scarlet King is sometimes linked to various apocalyptic scenarios and the birth of powerful and malevolent entities known as his “children” or “spawn.”
Cults and Worship:

The Scarlet King is said to have followers and cults that worship and seek to bring about its dark influence. These cults are often involved in rituals and activities aimed at ushering in catastrophic events.
Multiple Canons and Interpretations:

The SCP Foundation allows for multiple canons and interpretations of its lore. As a result, different tales and articles within the SCP universe may present variations on the Scarlet King’s mythology and its connection to other anomalous entities.
Collaborative Writing:

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing project, and various authors contribute to the creation and expansion of its lore. This allows for diverse and creative interpretations of the Scarlet King and related narratives.
It’s important to note that the SCP Foundation operates under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, and the content created by authors within this community is collaborative and open for others to build upon.

The Scarlet King and associated narratives within the SCP Foundation contribute to the overarching horror and speculative fiction themes of the project.