Piccolo – Dragon Ball Z – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Unleash the Namekian Warrior: 3D Print Your Own Piccolo Model!
Channel the power of the green giant with this stunning 3D printable model of Piccolo, the iconic Namekian from Dragon Ball Z! Whether you’re a die-hard DBZ fan or simply appreciate powerful warrior statues, this high-quality model is sure to impress.

Unleash Your Inner Z-Fighter:

Choose your Piccolo: Select from various poses showcasing Piccolo’s iconic stances, from his calm demeanor to his fierce battle cries.
Unforgettable details: Capture Piccolo’s signature features, from his pointed ears and flowing cape to his powerful muscles and determined expression.
Multiple scales: Available in sizes suitable for tabletop displays or life-sized grandeur, perfect for any Dragon Ball collection.
Material magic: Choose from various printing materials like PLA, ABS, or resin to bring Piccolo to life with vibrant colors and textures.
Beyond the Print:

Pre-supported for flawless printing: Enjoy a smooth and successful printing experience without the hassle of manual support removal.
Detailed printing instructions: Get expert guidance on settings, assembly, and painting your Piccolo model to perfection.
Bonus content: Access exclusive wallpapers, character bios, and fun facts to deepen your Dragon Ball experience.
Download your Piccolo 3D model today and let the training begin!