Oni skull – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

The term “Oni skull” likely refers to a representation or depiction of a skull associated with the concept of an “oni” in Japanese folklore. Here’s some context:

1. **Oni:** In Japanese folklore, an “oni” is a type of supernatural creature often translated as “demon” or “ogre.” Oni are typically depicted with distinctive features, including sharp horns, wild hair, sharp claws, and sometimes skin with a reddish or bluish tint. They are often seen as malevolent beings that cause harm or mischief.

2. **Symbolism:** In various forms of Japanese art, including masks, paintings, and sculptures, oni are depicted, and their skulls or skeletal representations may be used to symbolize the defeat or vanquishing of these malevolent creatures. In some cases, oni skulls can be seen as a symbol of protection against evil spirits or misfortune.

3. **Masks:** Oni masks, which are commonly used in Japanese festivals like Setsubun, are iconic representations of these creatures. These masks often feature exaggerated facial expressions with menacing grins and sharp teeth, including the distinctive horned forehead.

4. **Art and Decor:** Oni skulls or imagery associated with oni may be used in various forms of Japanese art, including traditional woodblock prints, tattoos, and contemporary artwork, to convey themes related to folklore, mythology, or the struggle between good and evil.

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