ONI MASK – 3D print model STL

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The term “Oni mask” refers to a traditional Japanese mask depicting an Oni, which is a type of mythical creature or demon in Japanese folklore. Oni masks are often used in various cultural contexts, including traditional Japanese theater, festivals, and art. Here are some key points about Oni masks:

Oni in Japanese Folklore:

Oni are supernatural creatures or demons in Japanese folklore, often depicted with fierce and intimidating features. They are typically associated with evil, mischief, and chaos.
Oni Mask Characteristics:

Oni masks are crafted to resemble the fearsome visage of Oni creatures. Common features include sharp horns, sharp teeth, wild hair, and a menacing expression.
The masks are often colorful, with red, blue, and black being common colors.
Cultural Significance:

Oni masks are used in various traditional Japanese cultural practices, including Noh and Kabuki theater, festivals (such as Setsubun), and religious rituals.
They are sometimes worn during performances or ceremonies to represent the presence of Oni and ward off evil spirits.
Setsubun Festival:

Setsubun is a Japanese festival that marks the beginning of spring. During Setsubun, people participate in rituals such as throwing roasted soybeans to drive away evil spirits. Oni masks are often used in these festivities.
Art and Collectibles:

Oni masks have also become popular as artistic expressions and collectibles. Artists and craftsmen create unique and stylized Oni masks for display or as part of traditional art forms.
Tengu Masks:

Sometimes, masks depicting Tengu, another supernatural creature in Japanese folklore, may be confused with Oni masks. Tengu masks typically feature a long nose and are associated with mountain-dwelling spirits.
Oni masks hold cultural significance and are appreciated for their artistic and symbolic value. They continue to be an intriguing aspect of Japanese cultural heritage and are recognized worldwide for their distinctive design and representation of mythical beings.