Mew from Pokemon – Chibi – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Mew is a fictional creature in the Pokémon franchise, created by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Mew is notable for being one of the original Pokémon species, appearing in the very first Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Green (Blue in North America), which were released in 1996. Here are some key details about Mew:

1. **Pokédex Number:** Mew is the 151st Pokémon in the National Pokédex, making it one of the original 151 Pokémon introduced in the first-generation games.

2. **Legendary Status:** Mew is classified as a Legendary Pokémon due to its rarity, unique abilities, and significance in the Pokémon lore.

3. **Appearance:** Mew is a small, pink, cat-like Pokémon with large, expressive eyes and a long, curling tail. It has a playful and friendly appearance.

4. **Abilities:** Mew is known for its versatility and adaptability. It has the ability to learn almost any move in the Pokémon games, making it a highly sought-after Pokémon for trainers.

5. **Mythical Origins:** In the Pokémon world, Mew is often associated with myths and legends. It is said to contain the genetic code of all known Pokémon species, making it the “ancestor” of all Pokémon.

6. **In-Game Events:** In the original Pokémon games, Mew was not obtainable through normal gameplay. Instead, players could only acquire Mew through special events, promotions, or glitches. This added to the aura of mystery surrounding the character.

7. **Cultural Impact:** Mew has become an iconic symbol of the Pokémon franchise and has appeared in various Pokémon movies, TV episodes, and spin-off games. It is often featured in promotional materials and merchandise.

8. **Psychic Type:** Mew is primarily a Psychic-type Pokémon, which means it possesses psychic abilities such as telekinesis and mind reading.

9. **Shiny Mew:** Like many Pokémon, Mew can also have a rare “shiny” variant, which changes its coloration. Shiny Mew is blue instead of pink.

10. **Mewtwo:** Mewtwo, another famous Legendary Pokémon, is said to be a clone of Mew. Mewtwo has its own significant role in the Pokémon lore and has appeared as a central character in various Pokémon media.

Mew is beloved by Pokémon fans for its cute appearance, its role in the franchise’s history, and its status as a symbol of discovery and adventure in the Pokémon games. It continues to be a cherished Pokémon among players and collectors.