King – extra – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

“King” is a term that can refer to various characters, titles, or roles in different contexts, including fiction, mythology, and real-world titles. Without additional information, it’s challenging to pinpoint a specific character or context associated with “King.” Here are a few possibilities:

Fictional Characters:

There are numerous fictional characters with the title of “King” in various stories, books, movies, and games. For example, characters like King Arthur from Arthurian legends or The Lion King from Disney’s “The Lion King.”
Real-World Titles:

“King” is a royal title used in many monarchies around the world. Different countries and cultures have had historical kings, such as King Henry VIII of England or King Tutankhamun of ancient Egypt.
Video Games:

“King” is also a common character name or title in video games. For instance, in the Tekken series, there is a character named King who is a professional wrestler.

In chess, the piece that represents the monarch is called the “king.”
If you have a specific context or work in mind, providing additional details would help narrow down the reference you are seeking.