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“Hobgoblins” is a low-budget horror-comedy film directed by Rick Sloane. The movie was released in 1988 and gained a reputation for being a cult classic due to its campy nature and B-movie charm. Here are some key points about “Hobgoblins”:


The film follows a group of young security guards at a film studio who accidentally release mischievous creatures called hobgoblins. These creatures have the ability to make people’s fantasies come true but often with disastrous consequences.
Director and Style:

Rick Sloane wrote, directed, and produced “Hobgoblins.” The film is known for its low-budget production values, cheesy special effects, and over-the-top acting.
The movie has gained a cult following due to its unintentional humor and the nostalgic appeal of 1980s B-movies.
Campy Elements:

“Hobgoblins” is often celebrated for its campy and unintentionally humorous elements. The creatures themselves are small puppets, and the special effects are notably low-budget.
The film’s dialogue, acting, and plot twists contribute to its status as a cult classic among fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema.
Cult Status:

Over the years, “Hobgoblins” has become a cult film, appreciated by audiences for its unintentional humor and nostalgic value.
The movie has been featured on various lists of the worst films ever made, adding to its reputation as a cult classic.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K):

“Hobgoblins” gained additional exposure when it was featured on an episode of the television series “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (MST3K). The show, known for riffing on B-movies, contributed to the film’s cult status.
While “Hobgoblins” may not have been a critical success upon its initial release, its unintentional humor and campy qualities have endeared it to fans of cult cinema and B-movies. The film is often enjoyed in the context of its nostalgic and so-bad-it’s-good appeal.