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Fanatical Fury: Unleash the “Tales Keeper – Zealots” 3D Printable Warriors

Embrace the fervor of fanaticism with the “Tales Keeper – Zealots” collection of 3D printable miniatures! These warriors, driven by unwavering devotion and blind faith, are ready to charge into battle for their cause.

Choose Your Champions:

Righteous Inquisitor: A stern leader bearing sacred texts and burning incense, guiding their brethren with zealous pronouncements.
Frenzied Pyromancer: Unleashing unholy flames with manic zeal, their eyes glowing with righteous fire.
Ironclad Protector: Unwavering guardian clad in heavy armor, shielding their comrades with unwavering determination.
Martyr’s Fury: A fallen fanatic risen anew, fueled by vengeance and rage, wielding spectral blades.

Highly Detailed Sculpts: Capture the zealous expressions, intricate armor, and burning weapons of each Zealot.
Multiple Poses: Choose dynamic poses portraying unwavering charge, fervent prayer, or fanatical fury.
Modular Options: Mix and match elements to create unique Zealot variations for your army.
Scalable Size: Print the models at your desired scale to fit into various tabletop games or collections.
Perfect for:

Tabletop wargamers seeking zealous warriors for their armies.
Miniature painters eager to showcase their skills on intricate and expressive models.
Fans of religious fanaticism and dark fantasy themes.
Anyone seeking unique and customizable miniatures for their collection.
Download and print your “Tales Keeper – Zealots” today and unleash the fury of their unwavering faith!