Dr Gero Sculpture – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Dr. Gero is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. He is a scientist who is responsible for creating the androids that appear in the series, including Android 17 and Android 18.

In the series, Dr. Gero is depicted as a brilliant scientist who is obsessed with revenge against Goku, the protagonist of the series. He creates a series of powerful androids with the intent of using them to destroy Goku and take over the world.

Dr. Gero himself is not a fighter, but he is shown to have a great deal of knowledge about advanced technology and cybernetics. He also has a cold and calculating personality, and is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything to achieve his goals.

In terms of his appearance, Dr. Gero is depicted as an older man with glasses and a beard. He is often seen wearing a lab coat and carrying a remote control device that he uses to control his androids.

Overall, Dr. Gero is a memorable and important character in the Dragon Ball series, known for his role in creating the powerful androids that appear throughout the series, as well as his ruthless and calculating personality. While he is not a fighter himself, his intellect and technological prowess make him a formidable opponent for the series’ heroes.