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M. Bison, also known as Vega in Japan, is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists in the “Street Fighter” video game series created by Capcom. He first appeared in the game “Street Fighter II” in 1991 and has since become one of the most iconic and recognizable villains in the franchise. Here’s an overview of the character:

**Real Name:** M. Bison’s full name is often given as “Mike Bison” in the original Japanese version, which is a nod to the real-life boxer Mike Tyson. However, in international releases, his name was changed to M. Bison to avoid legal issues with Tyson.

– M. Bison is the ruthless and power-hungry leader of the criminal organization known as Shadaloo (or Shadowloo). He is known for his incredible psychic powers, which make him a formidable and nearly invincible opponent.
– His primary goal is world domination, and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. He often organizes street fighting tournaments as a cover for his criminal activities.

**Powers and Abilities:**
– **Psycho Power:** M. Bison’s most distinctive ability is his mastery of Psycho Power, a dark and malevolent form of energy. This power grants him telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection, and incredible physical strength.
– **Skilled Martial Artist:** He is a highly skilled martial artist and street fighter, specializing in a deadly form of combat called “Psycho Power Fighting.”

– M. Bison is typically depicted as a tall, imposing figure with a muscular build. He wears a red military uniform with a matching cap, gloves, and boots. He often has a sinister grin on his face.
– He has a distinctive “psycho power” aura that surrounds him, often depicted as a purple or blue energy.

**Role in the “Street Fighter” Series:**
– M. Bison serves as one of the primary antagonists in the “Street Fighter” series, with a particular rivalry with characters like Ryu and Chun-Li.
– He is often the final boss in the arcade mode of “Street Fighter” games, and his battles are known for their high difficulty.

**Appearances Beyond Video Games:**
– M. Bison has appeared in various adaptations of the “Street Fighter” franchise, including animated series, comic books, and the live-action “Street Fighter” movie where he was portrayed by Raul Julia.

M. Bison’s character is a quintessential example of the classic video game villain. His over-the-top personality, immense power, and ambition to conquer the world have made him a memorable and enduring figure in the world of video games.