Blake is a sweet thin doll for all of your rendering needs.

Her delicate & femine morph was created in zbrush.

As always Blake’s skin was created using a combination of photos,

hand painting, and resources. Her freckles are handpainted and in LIE

format making them useable on most fair skinned characters. She also has

two different styles of freckles.

Blake’s blush & eyeliners & freckles are also LIE making them useable on most characters.

Morph Options:

• Blake HeadA Morph & Rem

• Blake Body Morph & Rem

Blake Skin Options:

• Full Body Texture with bump, spec, normals

• 10 Eye Colours

• 3 Lash Styles

• 8 Lip Colours (Low Gloss, High Gloss)

• 8 Eye Shadow (matte and shimmer)

• 4 Eyeliners LIE

• 1 Freckles LIE

• 1 Blush LIE

Also included:

• 3 Skintone Options

• 3 Specular Options

• Normal Maps On/Off


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