Aradia is a new character for the G3 and G8 females, and she comes with a BONUS … a fantastic circlet and coordinating earrings, both with jewel accents. Aradia’s face and body are custom shapes and do not require any additional morph packs.

Aradia’s character pack for G3 and G8, includes:

1 Head INJ/REM

1 Body INJ/REM

1 Full Body Iray MAT

1 Nails Long Round INJ

1 Nails Long Square INJ

1 Nails REM

2 Lash Options

7 Eye Colors

10 Makeup Options

1 Crescent Moon Layered Image Preset

14 Lip Colors

1 “More Gloss” Lip Option

1 “Less Gloss” Lip Option

11 Nail Colors

The Aradia Circlet pack for G3 and G8, includes:

– The Aradia Circlet

– The Aradia Earrings

– 7 Jewel Material Options for both Circlet and Earrings

– Gold, Silver, and Mixed Metal Options for both Circlet and Earrings

Both the circlet and the earrings are props. The circlet includes adjustment morphs for the head. The earrings may need manual adjustment for some head morphs. Circlet morphs include:

Adjust Cheeks

Adjust Ears Up Down

Adjust Forehead Width

Adjust Forehead.

Adjust Scale

Forehead Tilt.


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