Attack, defend, protect, assassinate all this is up to you!

Abrion Combat Suit and Character Morph for Genesis comes

with a complete Outfit and Character Morph.

This Set includes a beautiful Character Morph.

You can separatly click or dial in the head and body.

It also includes several Utilities: show or hide the sword in the sheath.

The Sword Sheath has 5 joints all of them are posable.

You can insert the Sword as Prop for the right or/and left hand.

You activate set render settings for the blooming option (as you can see in the render images) by one click.

This is a huge package and I had a lot a fun to create it and render the images.

Abrion Combat Suit and Character Morph for Genesis 8 includes:

Abrion Combat Suit for Genesis 8

consisting of:

Abrion Body Armor

Abrion Boots

Abrion Knee Protector

Abrion Leg Armor

Abrion Pants

Abrion Shoulder Protector

Abrion Suit

Abrion Sword Belt with posable Sheath and Sword

Abrion Character morph (without materials and textures, only the morphs)

consisting of:

Apply Abrion Morph

Apply Abrion Head Morph

Apply Abrion Body Morph


Abrion Sword Left Hand

Abrion Sword Right Hand


Abrion Sword Left Hand Pose

Abrion Sword Right Hand Pose

Foot Pose

Reset Sheath Pose

Render Settings:

Enable Bloom Filter


Abrion Suit hide Legs (when wearing Armor)

Abrion Suit show Legs

Hide Sword in Sheath

Show Sword in Sheath

Iray Materials:

Abrion Body Armor Grey

Abrion Boots Grey

Abrion Knee Protector

Abrion Leg Armor Grey

Abrion Pants Grey

Abrion Shoulder Protector Grey

Abrion Suit Grey

Abrion Sword and Sheath Grey

Abrion Sword Belt Grey

Abrion Body Armor Orange EMSV

Abrion Boots Orange EMSV

Abrion Knee Protector Orange EMSV

Abrion Leg Armor Orange EMSV

Abrion Shoulder Protector Orange EMSV

PBR Textures:

47 PBR Texture Files up to 4K (4096x4096px)


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