Radella is a gorgeous new girl for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 females. She’s a sweet ginger lass who is a fairy at heart, and her big beautiful eyes and freckled face will win you over, whether she’s sporting her human side or flying away on goassamer wings. Radella has a custom face morph, and 2 body morph options … a statuesque, lean body shape and a shorter, more voluptuous “Goddess” shape.

All of her makeup options include a “sparkly” option as well as normal, and the lips and nails also have the option to add some glitter to your fantasy.

Radella’s custom face morph requires no morph packs, however, you’ll need the body morph packs for G3 and/or G8 to use her body shape.

Radella’s pack includes:

1 Head INJ/REM

2 Body INJ/REM

1 Nails Long Round INJ

1 Nails Long Square INJ

1 Nails REM

1 Full Body Iray MAT

1 Eyelash Iray MAT (for G8)

3 Eyelash Styles

7 Eyelash Colors

7 Eye Colors

22 Makeup Options (Normal and Sparkle)

10 Lip Colors (Normal + Sparkle Add)

9 Nail Colors (Normal Gloss + Sparkle Add)

PLEASE NOTE, that Daz Studio or higher is required in order to use the Genesis 8 Figure.


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