Yamcha and Puar – 3D print model STL

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Yamcha and Puar are fictional characters from the “Dragon Ball” manga and anime series created by Akira Toriyama. Here’s some information about each character:


Role: Yamcha is one of the main characters in the early arcs of “Dragon Ball.” He starts as a desert bandit but later becomes a skilled martial artist and a friend of Goku. Yamcha is known for his Wolf Fang Fist technique and his involvement in various martial arts tournaments.

Personality: Yamcha is portrayed as a laid-back and easygoing character. He has a fear of women due to past romantic failures but overcomes it as the series progresses. Despite not being as powerful as some of the other Z Fighters, Yamcha remains loyal and continues to train.

Contributions: Yamcha plays a significant role in the early adventures of Goku and his friends. While he may not be as powerful as some of the Saiyan warriors, he contributes to the team’s efforts in various battles and confrontations.


Species: Puar is a small, anthropomorphic cat-like creature from the same race as the shapeshifting Oolong. Puar has the ability to change shape at will.

Role: Puar is introduced as Yamcha’s close companion and friend. Puar often provides comic relief and assists Yamcha in battles. Puar’s shapeshifting abilities are occasionally used to aid the Z Fighters in their adventures.

Personality: Puar is portrayed as sweet-natured and caring. Puar is also shown to be level-headed and responsible, often acting as a voice of reason compared to some of the more impulsive characters.

Friendship with Yamcha: Puar and Yamcha share a strong bond of friendship. They have been together since their early days as desert bandits, and Puar is often seen supporting Yamcha in various ways.

Both Yamcha and Puar have been part of Goku’s circle of friends since the early days of “Dragon Ball.” While Yamcha is a skilled martial artist, Puar’s shapeshifting abilities add an element of humor and versatility to their adventures.