Xayah Star Guardian Extra – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Xayah is a character from the popular online multiplayer game “League of Legends” developed by Riot Games. The Star Guardian is a skin line in the game that features champions as magical girls who protect the universe from dark threats. Here’s some information about Xayah’s Star Guardian skin:

**1. Star Guardian Theme:** In the Star Guardian skin line, Xayah is transformed into a magical girl, taking on a new appearance and theme inspired by the Star Guardian universe. This skin line features champions in vibrant, celestial-themed outfits.

**2. Abilities:** Xayah’s abilities receive new visual effects and animations to match the Star Guardian theme. For example, her feathers and feathers’ abilities often get a starry or celestial makeover.

**3. Weapon:** Xayah’s primary weapon is a pair of razor-sharp feather-like blades. In the Star Guardian skin, these blades may receive new particle effects and appearances to align with the theme.

**4. Voice Lines:** Skins in “League of Legends” often come with unique voice lines and interactions. The Star Guardian skin for Xayah likely includes new voice lines that reflect her role as a protector of the universe.

**5. Availability:** Star Guardian skins are usually available for purchase in the in-game store during specific events or for a limited time. Players can also obtain these skins through various in-game methods like loot boxes or missions.

The Star Guardian skin line has been well-received by “League of Legends” players for its colorful and magical take on the game’s champions. Each skin tells a story of the champion’s role in the Star Guardian universe, and Xayah’s skin is no exception. It allows players to see a different side of their favorite champion while adding a touch of whimsy and fantasy to the game.