Warchief’s Table – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Warchief’s Table: Plot Conquests & Forge Alliances in 3D Printed Grandeur!
Gather your warband around the Warchief’s Table, the ultimate 3D printed centerpiece for your gaming nights or display shelf. This immersive battle map comes alive with intricate details, setting the stage for epic campaigns and strategic decisions.

Command the battlefield with:

Multi-level terrain: Strategize across different elevations, utilizing raised platforms, hidden compartments, and treacherous pathways.
Detailed textures: Immerse yourself in the world with realistic rock formations, weathered wood, and battle-scarred surfaces.
Modular design: Expand your battlefield! Combine multiple tables seamlessly to create vast landscapes for sprawling campaigns.
Interactive elements: Elevate your gameplay with optional features like removable bridges, hidden doors, and secret compartments.
Download the Warchief’s Table and prepare for legendary tabletop encounters