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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a well-known American actor, producer, and former professional wrestler. He was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, USA. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most recognizable and successful figures in the entertainment industry. Here’s an overview of his career and achievements:

**Wrestling Career:**
– Dwayne Johnson initially gained fame as a professional wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE). He used the ring name “The Rock.”
– He comes from a wrestling family; his father is Rocky Johnson, a former professional wrestler, and his grandfather, Peter Maivia, was also a professional wrestler.
– The Rock became one of the most popular and charismatic wrestlers in WWE history. His catchphrases, including “If you smell what The Rock is cooking,” are still widely recognized by fans.
– During his wrestling career, he won numerous championships, including the WWF/WWE Championship multiple times.

**Transition to Acting:**
– Dwayne Johnson made a successful transition from wrestling to acting. His first major film role was in “The Scorpion King” (2002), a spin-off of “The Mummy” franchise.
– He went on to star in a wide range of movies, including action films like “Fast & Furious” and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” as well as family-friendly films like “Moana,” in which he provided the voice for the character Maui.
– Known for his charisma and physicality, Johnson became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

**Producer and Entrepreneur:**
– In addition to acting, Dwayne Johnson has ventured into producing films and television shows through his production company, Seven Bucks Productions.
– He has also been involved in various business ventures and endorsements, making him one of the most marketable and influential celebrities.

**Philanthropy and Social Media Presence:**
– Dwayne Johnson is known for his philanthropic efforts and has been involved in various charitable causes.
– He has a strong presence on social media platforms, where he shares updates about his career, workouts, and personal life. He has a massive following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

**Legacy and Impact:**
– Dwayne Johnson’s impact on both professional wrestling and the entertainment industry as a whole is immense. He is often regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.
– He has broken down barriers for wrestlers in the world of mainstream entertainment and has paved the way for other wrestlers to transition into successful acting careers.

Overall, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a multifaceted entertainer known for his wrestling legacy, successful acting career, and positive influence in various aspects of pop culture and society.