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Streex, whose real name is Robert Bolton, is one of the main characters in the animated series “Street Sharks,” which aired in the 1990s. “Street Sharks” is an action-adventure animated show that features humanoid sharks created through a genetic experiment gone awry. Here’s some information about Streex:

**Origin and Background:**
– In the series, Streex and his three brothers, Ripster, Jab, and Big Slammu, were originally human teenagers who were transformed into humanoid sharks after a genetic experiment conducted by the villainous Dr. Paradigm.
– Streex, as Robert Bolton, was a rollerblading enthusiast and a skilled athlete before his transformation.

**Appearance and Abilities:**
– After the transformation, Streex takes on the appearance of a humanoid tiger shark with distinct orange and white coloring.
– Like his brothers, Streex possesses enhanced strength, agility, and durability, making him a formidable fighter.
– He also has the ability to swim at high speeds and is an excellent rollerblader, using his rollerblades to navigate and chase down villains on land.

– Streex is depicted as the more easygoing and fun-loving member of the Street Sharks. He often uses humor to diffuse tense situations and enjoys having a good time.
– Despite his laid-back nature, Streex is a loyal and dedicated brother who fights alongside his siblings to thwart Dr. Paradigm’s plans and protect the innocent.

**Role in the Series:**
– Streex and his brothers work together as a team to battle various villains, including Dr. Paradigm and his mutant minions, throughout the series.
– Their adventures typically involve uncovering Dr. Paradigm’s schemes, which often involve genetic experiments and other forms of villainy.

“Street Sharks” was a popular animated series during the 1990s and gained a dedicated fanbase. The show is known for its action-packed episodes and unique premise of humanoid sharks fighting against evil. Streex, as one of the Street Sharks, played a central role in the series’ adventures.