Rick & Morty – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

“Rick and Morty” is an animated science fiction comedy series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Here are some key points about the show:

1. Premise: “Rick and Morty” follows the adventures of an eccentric and brilliant scientist named Rick Sanchez and his easily influenced grandson, Morty Smith. They embark on interdimensional and often dangerous adventures across the multiverse, encountering strange creatures, alternate realities, and various science fiction tropes.

2. Humor and Tone: The show is known for its dark humor, satire, and irreverent take on science fiction concepts. It often explores complex themes while maintaining a comedic tone, incorporating elements of pop culture references, social commentary, and existential ponderings.

3. Characters: The central characters are Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic and morally ambiguous genius scientist, and his grandson Morty Smith, who acts as the audience surrogate. Other main characters include Morty’s family members, such as his parents Beth and Jerry, and his sister Summer. The show also features a variety of recurring characters and imaginative creatures across the multiverse.

4. Storytelling and Worldbuilding: “Rick and Morty” incorporates nonlinear storytelling and non-chronological episodes, allowing for unique and diverse storytelling approaches. The series often delves into themes of existentialism, family dynamics, and the consequences of scientific exploration.

5. Cultural Impact: “Rick and Morty” has gained a significant following and has been praised for its clever writing, dark humor, and intricate storytelling. It has garnered a dedicated fan base and has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning merchandise, fan art, and references in various forms of media.

The show has aired multiple seasons since its debut in 2013 and continues to be popular for its blend of humor, sci-fi concepts, and character-driven storytelling.