Pit Lord, Hellspawn – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Pit Lord, also known as Mannoroth the Destructor, is a powerful and malevolent character in the Warcraft universe, which encompasses the Warcraft video games, novels, and other media. He is a demon lord and a key figure in the lore of the Warcraft series. Here are some key details about Pit Lord:

1. **Demon Lord:** Pit Lord is a high-ranking demon lord from the Burning Legion, a vast army of demonic entities dedicated to the destruction and conquest of worlds. He serves as one of the lieutenants of the Legion’s leader, Sargeras.

2. **Appearance:** Pit Lord has a fearsome and imposing appearance. He is a massive, red-skinned demon with sharp horns on his head, powerful limbs, and a pair of massive, curving blades attached to his forearms.

3. **Fel Magic:** Pit Lord is a master of fel magic, a dark and corrupting form of magic associated with the Burning Legion. He wields this magic to devastating effect in battle.

4. **Corruption and Destruction:** Throughout the Warcraft lore, Pit Lord has played a key role in the Legion’s campaigns to corrupt and destroy worlds. His actions have had far-reaching consequences on the history of Azeroth, the primary setting of the Warcraft series.

5. **Notable Moments:** One of Pit Lord’s most infamous actions was corrupting the Orcs on the planet of Draenor, leading to the events of the First and Second Wars in the Warcraft timeline. He also played a role in the events of Warcraft III, where he was responsible for the destruction of the city of Dalaran.

6. **Death:** Pit Lord met his end at the hands of Grom Hellscream, an Orc hero, during the events of Warcraft III. Grom’s heroic sacrifice resulted in the death of Mannoroth and the liberation of the Orcs from demonic control.

7. **Legacy:** Despite his death, Pit Lord’s influence and legacy continue to be felt in the Warcraft lore. He remains a symbol of the destructive power of the Burning Legion and the enduring threat posed by the Legion’s demonic forces.

Pit Lord, Mannoroth, is a significant character in the Warcraft lore, and his actions have had profound and lasting effects on the Warcraft universe. His character exemplifies the themes of corruption, power, and the struggle between good and evil that are central to the Warcraft series.