Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower is a boss character featured in the “Bloodborne” video game, which was developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. “Bloodborne” is known for its dark and gothic atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and intricate lore. Here’s some information about Lady Maria:

**Appearance and Description:**
– Lady Maria is a significant character in the game’s expansion “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.” She is an enigmatic and tragic figure.
– Her appearance is that of a tall and elegant woman with long, flowing white hair. She wears a distinctive set of attire, which includes a blood-stained cape, a white mask, and a sword that can transform into a flaming weapon.

**Role in the Game:**
– Lady Maria serves as one of the key bosses in “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.” She guards the entrance to the Astral Clocktower, a mysterious and visually striking location in the expansion.
– The battle with Lady Maria is considered one of the game’s most challenging and memorable encounters. She is a skilled and agile fighter who wields her transforming sword with deadly precision.
– As players progress through the game and engage with the story, they uncover the tragic history of Lady Maria and her connection to the events in the city of Yharnam.

**Lore and Backstory:**
– Lady Maria was a member of the Healing Church in Yharnam and served under Gehrman, the First Hunter. She was known for her skill with a weapon and her compassion for patients.
– Her actions and the events surrounding her have a significant impact on the game’s lore and narrative, and uncovering the secrets of the Astral Clocktower is an integral part of the game’s story.

Lady Maria’s character and boss battle are highly praised by “Bloodborne” fans for their challenging nature and the depth they add to the game’s lore. The game’s blend of intricate storytelling, Lovecraftian horror, and intense combat has made it a cult classic in the action RPG genre.