King – Tekken 3 – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

King is a fictional character in the Tekken video game series, specifically making his debut in Tekken 3. He is known for his striking luchador wrestling-inspired appearance and combat style. Here are some key details about King:

1. **Character Background:** King is the second character in the series to bear that name; his predecessor, King I, passed away. The character in Tekken 3 is referred to as King II. He is a Mexican professional wrestler who dons a jaguar mask and adopts the luchador persona.

2. **Fighting Style:** King primarily uses a mix of professional wrestling techniques, incorporating powerful throws, grapples, and strikes into his fighting style. His combat style is heavily influenced by real-life lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling).

3. **Appearance:** King is known for his distinctive appearance, including his jaguar mask, red trunks, and boots. His muscular build and charismatic presence make him stand out among the Tekken characters.

4. **Backstory:** King has a strong sense of justice and a noble cause. He fights in the King of Iron Fist Tournament series to raise money for an orphanage he runs. This backstory adds depth to his character and makes him one of the more sympathetic figures in the game.

5. **Popularity:** King has remained a popular character among Tekken fans due to his unique design, engaging moveset, and compelling backstory.

6. **Signature Moves:** King has various signature moves, including throws and grapples like the “Tijuana Twister” and the “Running Jaguar Bomb.” These moves showcase his wrestling prowess and can deal significant damage to opponents.

7. **Appearances:** King II has appeared in several Tekken games beyond Tekken 3, making him a recurring character in the series.

8. **Luchador Culture:** King’s character pays homage to the rich tradition of lucha libre in Mexican culture. Lucha libre is known for its colorful masks and theatrical performances in the world of professional wrestling.

King’s appearance and fighting style, along with his commitment to helping those in need, have made him a beloved character in the Tekken franchise. He continues to be a fan favorite among players of the series.