Jinx – Arcane Fan Art – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Jinx is a character from the animated series “Arcane,” which is a Netflix original based on the world of the popular video game “League of Legends.” Jinx is one of the show’s main characters, and she is depicted as a rebellious and impulsive young woman with a talent for causing chaos.

In “Arcane,” Jinx is a member of a gang of street urchins in the city of Piltover, which is ruled by a wealthy and powerful elite. She is the sister of Vi, another main character in the series, and the two have a complicated relationship due to Jinx’s unpredictable and dangerous behavior.

Throughout the course of the series, Jinx is shown to be a skilled inventor and tinkerer, often using her talents to create dangerous weapons and explosives. She is also fiercely independent and refuses to be controlled by anyone, even her own sister.

Jinx’s character has become a fan favorite due to her unique personality and dynamic storyline. She is known for her colorful appearance, with bright blue hair and a distinctive outfit consisting of a crop top and shorts. She is also famous for her catchphrase, “Powder to the people,” which has become a rallying cry for her followers.