High School of the dead – Saeko Busujima – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

High School of the Dead is a Japanese manga and anime series that follows a group of high school students as they fight to survive during a zombie apocalypse. Saeko Busujima is one of the main characters in the series.

Saeko is a third-year student at Fujimi High School and is known for her skills in martial arts and sword fighting. She is also the president of the school’s kendo club. During the zombie outbreak, Saeko becomes a valuable member of the group, using her combat skills to fight off the undead.

In the series, Saeko is portrayed as a calm and collected individual, but also has a more aggressive side that is revealed when she is in battle. She is often seen carrying a bokken, a wooden sword used in kendo, but later acquires a real katana which becomes her primary weapon.

Saeko’s character has gained a significant following among fans of the series due to her combat abilities, as well as her attractive appearance. She is often depicted in fan art and cosplay, and has been featured in various merchandise and spin-off media related to the series.