Goku Genkidama Lamp – 3D print model STL

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It seems like you are referring to Goku’s signature technique known as the “Genki Dama” in Japanese or the “Spirit Bomb” in English. This powerful technique is a recurring ability used by Goku, particularly in dire situations where he needs a massive amount of energy to defeat a formidable opponent.

Here’s a brief overview of the Spirit Bomb:

Gathering Energy:

The Spirit Bomb involves Goku gathering energy from all living things in the surrounding area, including plants, animals, and people.
Raising Hands:

Goku extends his arms and forms a powerful energy sphere above his head, holding it in place.
Request for Energy:

Goku then asks for energy from all living beings, including viewers, to contribute their energy to the Spirit Bomb.
Massive Energy Attack:

The Spirit Bomb grows in size and accumulates an enormous amount of energy from the contributors.
Launching the Attack:

Once the Spirit Bomb is fully charged, Goku hurls it at his opponent, using the collective energy to deal a powerful blow.
The Spirit Bomb has been used in various key moments throughout the Dragon Ball series, and its effectiveness depends on the purity of the energy gathered and the intentions of those who contribute to it.

It’s important to note that the term “Genkidama” is specific to the Japanese version, while “Spirit Bomb” is the English name commonly used in the English-dubbed versions of Dragon Ball.