Giant bone Goomba – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Calling all Super Mario fans and 3D printing enthusiasts! Reimagine the classic enemy with a spooky twist! Download and print this awe-inspiring Giant Bone Goomba model, bringing a menacing new challenge to your tabletop games, cosplay displays, or simply as a chilling conversation starter.

Unleash the skeletal menace:

Bone-chilling design: Capture the essence of a traditional Goomba, reimagined with a terrifying skeletonized body and menacing eyes.
Multiple scales: Choose your level of intimidation! Select a desk-friendly size or go big for a truly room-dominating presence.
High-detail printing: From the jagged bone structure to the haunting gaze, every detail is faithfully captured.
Customization potential: Unleash your creativity! Paint your Bone Goomba in custom colors, add glow-in-the-dark accents, or personalize it for a unique creation.
Dominate your tabletop with these bonus features:

Supported for optimal printing: Say goodbye to frustrating support removal and ensure a flawless print.
Hollowed for efficient printing: Save filament and printing time while maintaining structural integrity.
Detailed printing instructions: Get expert guidance on settings, assembly, and bringing your Bone Goomba to life.
Download your Giant Bone Goomba 3D model today and terrorize your enemies in style