Gargoyles – Goliath – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Goliath is one of the main characters in the animated television series “Gargoyles,” which was created by Greg Weisman and produced by Disney. The series originally aired from 1994 to 1997 and has since gained a dedicated fan base for its complex storytelling and unique take on mythology.

**Goliath** is the leader of the Manhattan Clan, a group of gargoyles who protect New York City. Here are some key characteristics and details about Goliath:

1. **Appearance:** Goliath is a large and imposing gargoyle with dark bluish-gray skin, a broad wingspan, and prominent horns on his forehead. His imposing appearance is characteristic of a gargoyle warrior.

2. **Personality:** Goliath is known for his strong sense of honor, leadership, and protectiveness over his clan. He is wise, compassionate, and thoughtful, often serving as the moral center of the Manhattan Clan. He is deeply committed to the principles of justice and loyalty.

3. **Role in the Clan:** Goliath serves as the leader of the Manhattan Clan, and his primary duty is to protect the clan’s home, Castle Wyvern. Like all gargoyles in the series, he turns to stone during the day and awakens at night to defend the castle.

4. **Voice Actor:** Goliath is voiced by Keith David in the series.

5. **Character Development:** Throughout the series, Goliath’s character undergoes significant development. He is initially depicted as a somewhat stoic and traditional gargoyle but evolves into a more open-minded and compassionate leader as he encounters new challenges and learns about the modern world.

6. **Relationships:** Goliath forms close bonds with other members of the Manhattan Clan, including his second-in-command, Hudson, as well as Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Angela. His relationship with Elisa Maza, a human detective who becomes a trusted ally and friend, is a central element of the series.

7. **Themes of Justice and Redemption:** Goliath’s character embodies themes related to justice, honor, and the possibility of redemption. His interactions with humans and his commitment to protecting the innocent are central to the show’s overarching narrative.

Goliath is a beloved character in “Gargoyles” and is often considered one of the show’s most iconic figures. His character’s depth, wisdom, and moral values contribute significantly to the series’ appeal and its exploration of complex themes.