Clone Trooper – Prisoner Escape – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Forge Your Rebellion: 3D Print an Escaping Clone Trooper!
Description: Spark an uprising with our epic 3D printable model of a Clone Trooper escaping captivity! Download and print this high-detailed figure, sculpted in a dynamic escape pose, blaster drawn and determined. Choose from various helmet variants to represent different legions or customize with battle damage for a gritty, war-torn effect.

Compatible with various 3D printers, this model offers:

Impressive detail: Intricately sculpted armor, weaponry, and facial features for tabletop or display.
Multiple options: Select from Phase I or Phase II helmets, representing different eras of the Clone Wars.
Customization potential: Add battle damage, choose poses, and even design your own helmet markings for a truly unique trooper.
Scalability: Adapt the size to fit your needs, creating an action figure or a miniature for tabletop wargames.
Unleash your creativity!

Imagine your Clone Trooper escaping Order 66, fighting for freedom alongside Jedi allies.
Design a custom escape scenario and recreate epic battles on your tabletop.
Display your finished model as a symbol of hope and defiance against oppression.
Download yours now and bring the thrilling saga of the Clone Wars to life!