Batfino – 3D print model STL

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“Batfink” is an animated television series that originally aired in the 1960s. It was created by Hal Seeger and features a superhero bat named Batfink. Here are some details about the show:

**1. Batfink:**
– Batfink is a crime-fighting bat who has metallic wings and is known for his incredible strength and various crime-fighting gadgets.
– He is often aided by his sidekick, Karate, a martial arts expert who is also a mechanical genius.

**2. Villains:**
– The show features a variety of villains for Batfink and Karate to thwart, including characters like Hugo-a-Go-Go, the Mad Musician, and the Bananas.
– These villains often come up with quirky and humorous schemes, and Batfink and Karate use their wits and gadgets to defeat them.

**3. Animation Style:**
– “Batfink” is known for its distinctive animation style, which includes the use of repeated backgrounds and limited animation techniques common in many cartoons of that era.

**4. Catchphrases:**
– The show is known for its memorable catchphrases, such as Batfink’s declaration that his wings are “super-sonic” and “made of steel.”

**5. Episodes:**
– The series ran for a total of 100 episodes and was popular during its time, especially among children.

“Batfink” is a classic animated series that remains fondly remembered by those who grew up watching it. It’s known for its campy humor, unique characters, and the charm of its superhero bat protagonist, Batfink, and his trusty sidekick, Karate.